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I found it at https: Joann Burton - July 13, Thanks for this great information. No sleep came to me as I moaned through the night. Sat under a chair and ignored everyone. Bailey De Young Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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Took me a few seconds. We had met last year. Tom and Clare new residents to Key West. Closed on a condominium in January. Tom is a former Washington DC attorney. We have a mutual friend. He knows her much better than I. Former Ambassador Amy Bondourant. An Ambassador under Clinton and Bush 2. Amy and her husband relocated from Paris to Key West last year.

The other couple Kristina and John. I had not intended. However, my stomach was growling. Enjoyed my diet prime rib. Sitting at the bar next to me were Kristina and John. A vacationing couple from Mays Landing, New Jersey. A very enjoyable couple. We talked of many things. From the beauty of Jersey beaches and their bikini clad women to whatever.

Both at with the FAA. Kristina a research manager with drones. John not at liberty to tell me what he did. Two weeks ago, Terri received favorable news from her cancer hospital in Tampa. She is in remission. Her singing last night exhibited a gusto I attribute to the news. She also danced and pranced about.

Terri was a Broadway hoofer as well as singer. She was singing a love song. Came over and threw her arm around me in what was intended as a hug.

My face became imbedded in her left breast. I could not breathe. She did not know. Bear at Aqua also. Only 10 weeks old.

What a good boy! Sat under a chair and ignored everyone. Probably scared seeing all the people. A never before event for him. He was back last night. This time with an oxygen tube in his nostrils. Made no difference, he was whooping it up at the bar having a good time. Tillman a Key Wester for years. Per 2 fried slices - Calories: Per 2 oz - Calories: Beef Bologna Per 1 serving - Calories: Per 1 oz - Calories: Olive Loaf Per 1 slice - Calories: Black Forest Ham Per 1 serving - Calories: Per 7 slices - Calories: Beef Franks Per 1 frank - Calories: Per 1 frank - Calories: Seasoned Roast Beef Per 2 oz - Calories: Per 1 serving - Calories: Per 3 slices - Calories: Per 1 link - Calories: Food database and calorie counter.

Hickory Smoked Bacon Per 2 fried slices - Calories: Bacon Covered Club Per 2 oz - Calories: Ring Bologna Per 2 oz - Calories:

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