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If you're not completely satisfied for any reason within 30 days we'll promptly refund your money. Parking Program Manages regulation of the curb to balance variety of needs and ensure reliable access. If you had a problem with the ticket, the Cary police sent you to Maria or to Frank Rubino. The fourth animation shows a straight-through driver who has to slow down to avoid the car that emerged from a business. You will get points on your driving record if the offense is a moving violation, and your insurance company may raise your insurance payment or cancel your policy. Shipping Your Car Somewhere?

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Traffic Ticket Myth 1. The police officer made a single mistake on my traffic ticket. While it may be possible for you to get your traffic or speeding ticket dismissed based on an error but if you're betting that you would be found not guilty because the officer misspelled your name of your car or your name, then this will not help you. In essence, a ticket is actually an accusatory document and the basis for prosecution which needs to be factually valid, however multiple errors could be grounds for dismissal.

We will show you how a series of errors or other obvious traffic ticket errors CAN help you get your case dismissed. Traffic Ticket Myth 2. Get my traffic ticket postponed, anticipating that the traffic officer does not show up in court. If you follow this advice, you're destined to lose your traffic ticket case because most of the time, the traffic officer will show in court.

If you don't have an adequate traffic ticket legal defense prepared, you're practically guaranteed to lose your case. Traffic Ticket Myth 3. Using the "speeding out of necessity" excuse in traffic court. Don't even waste your time. And if you decide to try this one, you better have someone in the back seat who is on the verge of dying while you were speeding to the hospital. Sad to say, this is one of the most overused traffic ticket legal defense strategies used but rarely works in the driver's favor.

Traffic Ticket Myth 4. Deciding to attend traffic school instead. Why pay the fine and the additional fees for traffic school when you can simply fight the traffic ticket, then get your money back? The smart move is to first plead not guilty then decided which options are best for you to move regarding the specifics of your traffic ticket case. Traffic Ticket Myth 5.

I will fight my traffic ticket because it's going to be my word against the officer's testimony. In case you didn't know, cops including traffic police and "officers" of the court. That means that their testimony will nearly always trump anything you say in your defense.

Besides, a traffic officer or law enforcement official is trained about the law and the traffic process, which is significantly more credible than some driver who comes into traffic court unprepared. Traffic Ticket Myth 6. Red cars get more traffic and speeding tickets.

Despite the rumors, there are NO official studies that red cars, vehicles or trucks receive more traffic or speeding tickets. It has been a common belief that red cars are cited more since they may give the optical illusion that they are traveling faster than other vehicles on the road.

Some websites and blogs have suggested that bold color vehicles do tend to stand out thus they may be more susceptible to a higher ticket rate. According to a recent article published on Yahoo, they indicated that some drivers think that red cars pay higher premiums however both Allstate and Progressive have indicated that a vehicle's color has no bearing on the premiums they charge.

Traffic Ticket Myth 7. You need a lawyer to beat a traffic ticket. Despite what some attorneys may indicate, you do not need an attorney to beat a traffic or speeding ticket. Provided you have the right information, virtually any driver can learn how to successfully fight their traffic citation. In most cases, attorney fees usually outweigh the cost of the ticket fine which we believe is intentional however in some states such as Florida, Nevada and Texas have some law firms dedicated to just fighting tickets.

You can do it yourself but if not, at least check with an attorney to see what their rates are. How your traffic court date can increase your odds of dismissal.

A simple yet highly effective traffic ticket defense strategy. Learn how to get a court date in your favor to get your case dismissed. Use one of these powerful strategies to get your traffic ticket dismissed with ease. No guessing here, the guide clearly explains how each motion works in detail and when to assert your rights in traffic court. Learn from the pros!

These are tactics are used by skilled defense attorneys in traffic court. Save money avoiding high attorney costs. Although radar can be reliable under "ideal" conditions, errors can and do occur. We describe different scenarios where readings from a radar can be inaccurate and how you can use that to your advantage. Learn how to limit the prosecution's evidence or testimony in traffic court. Various courtroom objections can be utilized. No need to go to law school! Learn effective methods of asking the traffic officer questions that get your traffic case dismissed.

Uncover powerful questions to ask the officer in court. Follow our easy-to-follow guide on which questions to ask and when. Why airplane speeding tickets are difficult to convict. Discover how to use the law in order to get this type of traffic citation dismissed.

Locate which states share driver information with other states and which ones that don't. Perfect for any driver who ever gets a traffic ticket or speeding ticket out of state. Well worth the investment! I purchased a copy of your eBook last night for a traffic court case this morning in Dallas and I cannot thank you enough. Armed with the information in your eBook, I was able to get my case dismissed after making my first motion.

The judge had no choice in the matter because the law was on my side. I really didn't think it was possible to beat my speeding ticket but it worked. I look forward to receiving my refund check from the court. I got a speeding ticket and I was guilty but the traffic officer wasn't very cool so I decided to fight. Hoping the officer wouldn't show up but he did. Luckily I had your book and asked the proper questions to get my case dismissed. I wasn't aware of the different options available to one who decides to fight their ticket.

Before proceeding to the self-service traffic citation payment system by clicking on the link below, there are a few items we would like you to know:. Skip to main content. Before proceeding to the self-service traffic citation payment system by clicking on the link below, there are a few items we would like you to know: Converted Fine Amounts For certain traffic cases, the court was unable to convert the financial information from our previous case management to our new case management system for cases where no payment had been made.

If the amount the traffic payment website displays is different from what was sent on your notice from the court, please go to the following link https: Please do not pay an amount that differs from the amount sent on your Notice of Bail from the court. For certain cases with multiple charges, the court was unable to convert the financial information from our previous case management to our new case management system. These cases may not show in the traffic citation payment website. If you are unable to locate your case with multiple charges on the traffic citation payment website, please go to the following link https: We will then manually convert the financial information to your case.

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