LearningRX Complaints: Falsified Test Results


The siege of Herbalife
These are described and addressed in this article for your safety and well-being. Wiping away tears, he said: As they say the proof is in the pudding, so many people getting sick from this silly product!!! Herbalife complained to the SEC about these puts in March , but the charge has languished. Oh and for the record — Mike I am in awe of your amazing achievements you are not Mr Average in any way at all so please do preach to us mere mortals!


In Franchisee Training, every single example client result resulted in a recommendation. This was presented as a goal for all of us franchisees — sign almost everyone up for a program. However, this is not a burger franchise.

This is a business where you are offering a professional service based on your supposed expertise. What does an hour or two of Franchisee training do to make you an expert in assessing Sarah? The sad answer to these questions is that you are an not an expert in any of these.

Jodi Jedlicka — franchisee in Wisconsin — might be able to say she has some of these qualifications. With few exceptions, franchisees are pretenders. They are told to speak with confidence in areas where they lack even basic training, knowledge, and skills. As a franchisee, you present yourself as an expert with the qualifications to advise parents. Franchisee training leaves you unqualified in at least these ways relative to advising clients:.

I rewrote the previous two sections as I wrote subsequent sections. Here is a better version of each. Franchisee training is two weeks long. If all of these two weeks were completely devoted to understanding brain science, understanding cognitive skills, and interpeting assessment results, you would still be unqualified to advise parents on these matters.

No time will be spent in franchise training on brain science, whether anatomical or functional. Very little time will be spent understanding what science can tell us about cognitive skills such as memory, working memory, long-term memory, attention skills, processing speed, auditory processing, visual processing, and logic.

Very little time will be spent understanding how to interpret assessment results which involves linking assessment results to the real-life struggles of children. As a franchisee, you present yourself as an expert with the qualifications to advise parents when you lack these credentials. It is ironic but true. Without knowing anything else about Sarah or her mom or dad , let me answer this question for her: Ken Gibson the founder of LearningRx taught you how to recommend programs during Franchisee Training.

The process is really quite simple:. The intake form and by talking to them in the consultation to be discussed in a later section. In Franchisee Training, every single example client result discussed resulted in a recommendation. In this she said that Sarah struggles were related to attention and memory. Thus, she needs at least 12 weeks of the ThinkRx program.

Thus, Amit needs at least 24 weeks of the ReadRx program. Johan needs at least 36 weeks of the MathRx and ReadRx programs. Are there any exceptions at all? The exceptions are those who are unable to receive brain training:. As a franchisee, you believe that everyone — no matter the struggle — no matter the skill level — needs your service. Thus, you will almost always recommend a program. And you must do this with confidence. Thus, LearningRx teaches you a simplistic understanding of the linkages between assessment results and real-life struggles.

This is necessary so that a brain training franchisee can be a former hair dresser advising people about remediating cognitive deficiencies. However, even if the assessment scores are both above the 50th percentile, if the parent says reading is a struggle, you will recommend ReadRx. This means that even if the child is over 50th percentile in these scores, the franchisee will figure out some other sensible-sounding reason that underlying cognitive skills are causing the struggles with attention skills.

However, even if the assessment scores are both above the 50th percentile, if the parent says attention skills are a struggle, you will recommend a LearningRx training program. The linkage in this case is supposedly that the child is not good at making good, reasoned choices and is choosing not to pay attention. This is sometimes very difficult because the scores are too good , but you will usually have a couple days to figure out something that sounds plausible. The assessment does not measure morality.

And, worse, an immoral person with an improved logic and reasoning score may do more harm in the world rather than less. At Franchisee Training, you received a full day of training on how to lead a successful consultation. The home office defines a successful consultation as one that results in a new client. This is very important to the business health of every LearningRx center because this is when a prospective client becomes an actual client.

The consultation starts with information gathering and discussion. The franchisee asks questions, listens, takes notes, and expresses empathy. You might wonder why this would be the case when you as a franchisee already have the intake form and assessment results.

The reason is that parents express emotions when they share these things about their children. It is one thing to write on a form that Sarah struggles to pay attention, but to tell this to someone else often results in mom feeling anguish, desperation, or sadness.

As a franchisee, you want to hear the following from mom:. To illustrate this point and to drive home the point that this is taught by the home office, one of us had a home office representative come to our center soon after opening our doors. The representative did a consultation with me present and observing. During the process, a probing question was asked in the right way and mom started to cry. After the consultation, it was pointed out that I was more likely to get a sale if I could learn to ask probing questions that lead mom to cry.

As Mom is wiping away her tears is a good time to make your professional recommendation. Present the program and pricing with confidence. As a parent, you want to trust that the franchisee has your best interests at heart and will treat you with the highest integrity. You trust that you will not be manipulated. As a franchisee, you know that strong emotions are more likely to result in a sale.

You must develop the skills to manipulate people to be successful in this business without calling it manipulation. Never call it manipulation. Give it another kinder name. Because we believe they are deeply embedded into the LearningRx business model and would be difficult or impossible for an individual franchisee to change. For example, you may think that you could be a franchisee without focusing on sales. We suggest that if that is your earnest desire that you instead start a nonprofit or start a ministry through your church.

In other words, this is high-end, high-consequence sales in a high-end services business. The best franchisees have strong sales skills without ever calling it sales. The best franchisees have strong skills at bringing out emotion in the consultation without ever calling it manipulation. This is a business. This will be much clearer to you when you are in the middle of it than now.

Your sales funnel will be closely monitored by the home office. What does this look like? They will track these about your business:.

The home office will send out an email every month with the top ten centers with the most revenues. Many LearningRx franchisees have gone out of business. Surprisingly, even some of the top franchisees have closed their doors because business fell off a cliff after a few years of great revenues.

LearningRx is not a ministry; it is not a nonprofit business; it is a for-profit business in which you must sell a lot to stay in business. The LearningRx guarantee is this:. At initial assessment, the child was assessed for seven or so core cognitive skills, plus Word Attack. Word Attack is not a cognitive skill. In the supplemental testing, this number of tests may double and the additional tests are not cognitive tests.

Since the guarantee is relative to all assessment results both initial and supplemental, both cognitive and achievement , the supplemental testing gives the franchisee more of a chance to meet the guarantee. But all LearningRx franchisees can think of it as business as usual beacuse this is the way it has always been done. You were told that a certified trainer would focus on these specific weak skills and help your child improve dramatically.

You were told that the results were guaranteed. As a franchisee, you pulled a bait and switch. You told the parent you would focus on and improve those weak underlying skills. Bait and switch by any other name is still a dishonest business practice! It is important to understand that parents sign a contract that says that the guarantee is met if any test score increases, whether cognitive skill or not and whether one of the weak underlying skills or not.

Why do parents sign this contract when the verbiage is in direct conflict with what they have been told during the consultation? They trust the franchisee. In fact, one of the Former Franchisees cannot ever remember a single contract signing where a parent raised an objection about the wording of the guarantee.

I liken the LearningRx guarantee to going to your auto mechanic aptly named MechanicRx to get a fix to an underlying engine problem. When you call to tell the mechanic that the engine is not running any better than it was before, he points to the contract and said the guarantee was that something about your car would improve dramatically. I was in a LearningRx center in an administrative position. I had experience with other tutoring companies as well as full-time teaching experience.

I can believe everything stated in the article. While the concept of neuroplasticity seemed plausible, I did not understand the astronomical cost for brain games any person could easily play at home.

There was so much internal deception that the employees were in an unspoken war with the directors. I was not pleased while employed with LearningRx. I took my 10 year old daughter to our Charlottesville,VA center for 3 free sessions with a trainer in training. I took her there because I thought she might enjoy it. I had no idea of the cost!! He could have me bring in my husband, parents , grandparents and my entire extended family! No way would we pay that.

I really did want this for my girl though before reading this. I wanted her to have every opportunity to be a better student and thinker. I wanted that for her. So I was praying for a way. Then I find this. And my prayers have been answered. I will use Lumosity. I will read the books you mentioned and use the exercises you stated. Brain training on a shoestring! Thank you for your kindness and willingness to share this information.

You have helped more than you know. I thought for sure it would have been a degree in neuroscience or psychology. It was an MBA. Yes, I do check in on this every month or so to see if there are any questions or new comments. If you are new to this thread, go back to the beginning and read. I still ask that someone call a LearningRx center and see if what I say above is true and report back to this post.

Confirm these main points:. The person answering the phone will not answer basic questions such as how much the program costs. Do they say this? The person answering the phone will present themselves and the director as an expert in the brain and brain science.

This is absolutely untrue in almost all cases. Franchisees are business people, not brain scientists or even cognitive psychologists. There is no professional training to back this up at all.

Ask for the credentials of the center you call and report back here. The person just above this said the person had an MBA — that is a business degree, not a brain science degree. Ask the person answering the phone if conversions are tracked from phone calls to assessment, from assessment to consultation and from consultation to customer. I am really interested in what they will say. But I know from experience that these are all tracked.

I had a friend another former franchisee show me a picture from this year of franchisees. The franchisees were all new faces. Incredible turn over in franchisees since I was in the system. We were both amazed! If you are considering being a franchisee, plan to lose a lot of money — even if you make some along the way.

If you go to a consultation, I want on-going confirmation that what I said above still holds true. You have told the director all about you, your desires, and your child.

Do they give you any really new information? Do they admit to the limitations of the initial assessment? Do they tell you in the initial assessment that they often dismiss some of the testing results in the final assessment? Do they admit to some students getting very poor results? Do they tell you that assessments should not really be done more often than once per year for Woodcock Johnson? Do they try to make you emotional and then play on your emotion to get a sale?

Do they make it clear that the guarantee is almost always meaningless? I am always interested. I am always checking in if anyone has questions or comments. Please keep the discussion going. I would especially like to hear from potential franchisees. By the by, as a former franchisee, the clients I perceived left with the least change were those with hyperactive tendencies.

I never saw the link between brain training and correcting hyperactivity. An example was a boy I personally trained who came in with very low memory skills and was extremely hyperactive. I love that boy.

I never felt like his memory or hyperactivity got better even though I worked with him for over a year. His final testing showed an unimproved memory. Worse, the center director pushed for retesting with the exact same test within a week to clear the bad results. Years later, his dad and I talked and said the only lasting change was that I taught him to read better. Ironically, I attribute some of his improvement in reading to the LearningRx ReadRx training program.

The ReadRx program had 24 units. That one code-to-sound unit is supposed to be completed in roughly a week! The reason I helped this boy was because I deviated from the program and did much more code-to-sound work with him — though quite ad hoc.

Ironically, even by the end of my time at LearningRx I was not even a competent reading instructor. And, worse, my brain trainers were at an even lower level — maybe advanced beginners if they stayed a year.

I only had an hour per week to teach them what I was learning in my side reading. NONE of the teaching of my trainers was required by the home office. I learned and I taught because I thought we needed to earn the right to be called a reading program.

The LearningRx home office is extremely and pervasively arrogant. A franchisee could be fined or removed for deviating. But since the focus is all on testing and the testing does not effectively measure reading only Word Attack and Auditory Processing , they get away with this in the eyes of the consumer. Ultimately, I removed myself as a franchisee — at a financial loss — because I could not stand behind the product or the system.

I felt like I was in the midst of lies — pervasive lies — and deceit — pervasive deceit — to the point that I had to step aside to clear my mind and recenter on truth. Clarity really only came by writing these posts. Thinking through it all after the fact. It's got several theme options which can be customize simply. It is the sm Responsive website design is technique of developing websites which are hugely functional and the development that interact to user's behavior depending on screen sizes platform and orientation.

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