I need info on Leslie Sansone Nutrisystem

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For shutter-free and smooth nude in public videos we are equipped with steadycams. Oh yeah, your review is very well written. If at any time you need support, or if you need to chat online with a support person you can. I am a well educated professional. I straight away signed up for another month and I did it!

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I found it a little hard at times, especially in the early days cause I felt hungry a lot. I thought there might be something wrong with me, but now I see why I felt hungry. Yeah, a real duh moment! I lost 14lbs in that month and I dropped three dress sizes, so it was worth it for me.

Oh yeah, your review is very well written. You really raise some great points here, thanks for the post. Its good to hear from people that have done well with this diet and stuck to it for success. Good information and a really good review of the Nutrisystem diets, thanks for posting that. I believe I will try it now that I have read your assessment as it appears to be something that will fit with my own busy lifestyle.

Jonas, the small meals are a real stumbling block for many people when they are not expecting it. Congrats on losing 12lbs, by the way!

I made the decision there and then to do something positive and found Nutrisystem online. I always tell people when they ask me what kind of diet I went on to lose, like over 40lbs over a two month period. I believe that combining the diet with the exercise is what made it so successful.

Start with the basics and get used to small meals, then start light exercise and build it up each day, doing a little more. I walked some, then went for a swim every day to start, then after I started feeling stronger, I started simple stuff like skipping, running on the spot and using a stepper machine my wife had. I never once set foot inside a gym, and I probably never will. Waste of time when you can do most of that stuff at home. I also took multivitamins just to be sure.

Funny how money can be a motivator, even to lose weight! And yes, adding exercise to the diet is absolutely the way to ensure success. You have created some really good and usable weight loss tips here in this blog and then I came across this Nutrisystem review. Well, all I can say is you have got it pretty accurate! I tried there plan almost a year ago and failed miserable. I thought it was all the fault of the the company for sending out such small meals. I was hungry after eating them, so I bulked out on salted peanuts.

I was pretty determined to make it work at the start, but I became dissatisfied. Now I realize the mistake. Too late but maybe not too late to try again. Now I understand it better — those smaller meals are small for a darn good reason! Yes, eat less to lose weight really does mean you have to eat less and not eat to make yourself full.

Thanks for your honest review, it really made me think differently now that lightbulb has finally switched on inside my brain! You know this post and its motivational as well as educational qualities made me think of a quote. The more experiments you make the better. Your post NutriSystem Reviews is so good that I would like to translate it into French, publish on my french blog and link to you. I still lost 10lbs and for me that is the first time I ever lost any weight on any diet!

Take it from me, you are right about the good and the bad on this diet. But for me those small meals were worth putting up with cause it trained me to eat less and watch what I eat from then on. You know, its a sad thing to say but obesity really is a major problem of this generation. I read a recent report that states that there were something like 6. The medical expert undertaking the study says that over million kids in the world are also obese.

This is one of the massive and still rising problems that must be controlled in some way. It really depends on each individual to do their part for themselves.

They have to take any or all of the necessary steps to reduce their weight. You know, obesity is a preventable issue. If people cooperate and work with certain diet plans such as that provided by Nutrisystem and others like it and adapt to the habit of doing exercise every day, there would be far less obesity and more healthy people in the world today!

Great review, by the way. Both my sister and myself tried Nutrisystem three months ago and the results were really weird. We both were overweight and needed to lose around 40lbs each. Well, my sister was a real champion and she actually lost 30 of those in her first month. I was a total failure and only lost 8lbs over that same month. We are both very similar in build and height, only two years apart in age, my sister is younger, and neither of us smoke or drink much.

She went on it for a second month and lost another 16lbs so she ended up losing even more than she needed to and looks fabulous now! I read your Nutrisystem review and I enjoyed reading it as it is a good article. Like the problem of feeling hungry between meals and sure enough, I snacked on potato chips. I will try the diet once again, but this time I will force myself not to cheat on it and try figure out how to stave off the hunger. My sister has two dogs that she takes for long walks every day, while I sit around in front of the TV.

Thanks for the advice, I think you may be a life saver! I will be receiving my first shipment of Nutrisystem today. I recognized why I have failed in my previous attempts to lose weight. But I hope that this time will work if I can stick with it and include a little exercise currently activity level is nil.

Wish me luck guys! There are now, however, some very effective products that were designed to deal with these very complex issues such as convenience and diet food delivery.

They work with the body to give you control over your eating habits, help to metabolize break down you food better, control blood sugar, and help you lose weight quickly and safely.

Thanks for the honest review my friend! The food is awful and the portions are tiny. Smaller portions, lots of exercise — a complete change of lifestyle. Nutrasystem just figures for people who eat enormous portions and never exercise. OR pay pay for Nutrasystem, be hungry all the time, miserable, and cranky. And yes, loose a few pounds. Its a tough call and this is not the only solution, of course.

Its fast, convenient and helps for people who lead busy lives and probably eat high calorie, high GI carb, tasteless cardboard flavored MacHamburgers you know who I mean and fries every day, so a switch to Nutrisystem meals is probably a big step up the flavor ladder for them!

If you want to lose weight and not exercise, you have top eat smaller meals that are low calorie with low GI carbs. Nutrisystem is not for everybody for sure. There are other diets out there and some work better for some folks while others work better for other folks.

But cost for cost, for busy people who want convenience as a priority in their diet, its a pretty good shot at losing weight. Hey, I just wanted to say thanks for pointing out all the good and bad things about Nutrisystem. A week in and I have not gained an ounce! First day of NS, oatmeal was good with orange in the morning, turkey dog on wheat bun, a little mushy but good taste, with an apple, mint fudge bar snack was great with 1 cup skim milk, meatloaf and mash for dinner was pretty good had with salad, and will have a NS cookie later with another cup of skim milk.

I cant believe i will only eat calories today. Not too hungry either! The only problem I have is the times I eat my meals. Or is that too much. I know its all going to the same spot. Has anyone done the Nutrisystem, gotten to their healthy weight and maintained it? Can you comment to what is like after you get off the diet? How hard is it to get back to cooking your own meals and maintaining the weight off.

Addie, I commented awhile back in here that I lost 12 lbs last year on Nutrisystem and I have not put any weight back on since. You have to be strong both while your on the diet and when you come off it — its up to you and nobody else can do it for you as the guy who writes this blog says. When I came off the diet, I was careful what I bought at the store and never again picked up anything that was processed,, you know pizzas, cakes, biscuits an supermarket brand ready meals etc.

I went for fresh stuff mostly and cut down on bread and pasta too. I made myself a promise not to go back to my old eating ways and that I would do some light exercise everyday, like walking in the fresh air and I go for a swim some days too — nothing too strenuous only stuff I enjoy doing! I stick to that promise to this day and have stayed slim and looking and feeling good. You can do it too if your determined enough! Addie it will only be as hard as you make it on yourself.

When you have gotten used to eating less and healthier food, the trick is to just get determined and be tough with yourself! Instead buy fresh fruit and vegetables and use your own good sense as to what is right for you. But its up to you to make your decisions and stick with them, because no one else can make them for you! I lost 5 lbs in 3 weeks by supplimenting nutrisystem lunches and dinners and eating raw fruits and veggies.

I bought the prepackaged nutrisystem from Big Lots and saved alot of money! I love the southwestern chili. It sure does smell good! For breakfast I have either a low-glycemic energy bar or glucerna cereal. I could not find the NS breakfasts at my local Big Lots. Otherwise, I would have bought those too. I hear the muffins are really good. Low-glycemic means low in refined carbs and sugars. Once you eliminate these, you lose weight quickly. I lost alot of water weight the first week.

It gives me a great workout in a short amount of time so there are now excuses! Hi Addie, I just saw this and felt I had to write in. The last thing you should worry about is what will happen when you finish a diet. If you start worrying that you will put the weight back on again, then you are much more likely to do exactly that. Instead, its much better to get yourself into a positive frame of mind and convince yourself that you will stay slim and look great after you finish your diet!

Tell yourself that every day, over and over how great you will always look and how slim you will always stay! I did that after I finished Nutrisystem almost a year ago and I am still teh same weight today as I was when I finished my one month plan.

Does it sound a little like vanity? Okay, maybe it does, but I look at it more like having a healthy respect for my own body and I am in control of what I eat and how I look and nobody else is going to take that away from me.

You can do it too, because its really so easy. You know you will lose weight with Nutrisystem, because its designed that way as long as you stick to it. Be determined and be strong for yourself and what anyone else thinks is not important — its what you think and believe that counts for everything to do with your body.

I finished a month on Nutrisystem at end February after being talked into it by some friends and I was feeling fat after the Christmas food binge! I decided I would only weight myself at the start and then once at the end of each week. I would of quit but for having a freeszer full of the stuff and my friends were you know supporting me real well. So I kept at it and was really surprised I lost 4lbd the second week. I was feeling better and actually could get into clothes I wore last summer already, so I kept going.

I lost another 4lbs in the third week and at the end another 5lb, so I felt wonderful and was so pleased with myself I got some new clothes for this summer already 2 sizes smaller than I wore last summer!

Someone here was saying they were worried they would put all the weight back on again when they finished. I started doing some swimming four times a week or sometimes five and i believe that really helps too.

You just spent all that money and went through a month getting used to smaller meals, so keep eating the same size meals from when you finish and keep away from the sweet stuff you know what not to eat! Hey Tina, that is absolutely the way to go with this diet. Adding veggies to the meals makes them more filling and exercising burns off the excess calories to make the weight drop on a more permanent basis.

Congrats on losing that weight! Clara, thanks for those wonderfully motivating words. Plenty of people will get a great deal of motivation from hearing you say how you not only lost weight with Nutrisystem but also worked with yourself to keep it off.

Congrats on losing those 15lbs by the way! No one seems to comment on the actual taste of the products. I have read other reviews that say the food is very high in sodium. I am very interested in starting this program but am concerned about the high sodium content. Anyone out there care to address my concerns? I would appreciate any help. But I remember the meals I had tasted pretty normal for me, I mean not particularly salty and certainly no worse than the ready meals and processed meals you get in the supermarket.

I drink a lot of tea no cream or sugar except a little creamer in black tea, but I drink a lot of green and some diet soda. Can I count those? I have another question. Hey Lynn, walking is great exercise so do as much as you can!

Green tea is good for you, but tea and coffee, even though they are liquid will also dehydrate you a little. The jury is still out on whether they count or not with many conflicting arguments, so I personally just count plain water or fruit juice apple as my quota. But diet sodas are also bad for dieters because those same artificial sweeteners increase your appetite and make you want to eat more! As for your second question, what you eat is totally your call.

Swimming is excellent, and if you have some friends that like to play some sports like volleyball or badminton or tennis, anything that you will enjoy, then join in and have fun knowing it is doing you the power of good! My husband and I did Nutrisystem for two months and we both met and exceeded our weight loss goals.

This is the first diet I have actually ever been on so I was a little apprehensive about starting and sticking to it. I have to admit that I felt hungry for a bout the first 5 days.. The food…although not gourmet.. We especially loved the Rice and Bean combinations. I honestly felt guilty eating those at night and then I would remember.. We look and feel great! I tried Nutrisystem last summer and liked it a lot. I learned to eat less and I still do. Consequently I never put any weight back on after the diet cause I was careful what I ate and I took a friends advice and started swimming four days a week.

I read this article and yeah, I can totally identify with what the author is saying on every point. Anyone can lose weight with this and keep it off if they stick to the diet and then after just be sensible what they eat and get some exercise too. Thanks for the article! I always learn something new and this article was a real eye opener.

The first problem was I really underestimated the amount of food that was delivered. Sure, I knew it would need a big space in my freezer, but I shoulda made more room! I had to get my neighbor to store some in her freezer! Anyways, I did ok, but was hungry a lot and just like you said it, I snacked on potato chips! Anyways, this is a really great article and I hope it helps a lot of folks do better than I did. You never know, I may be tempted to have another try at this! Hi Regina, you snacked on potato chips and you still lost 6lbs?

That is something to celebrate, so be pleased about it LOL! I hear from folks who get quite a shock at the volume of the month supply of food. So yes, everyone — do make sure you have plenty free space in your freezer!

Your right too many sites hype it up and just try and sell you when they should be informing you about as much as possible that you need to know about before you get your credit card out. Hey Dorian, congrats on losing 18lbs — that is quite something. And keeping it off too. They can if they want to and you proved it to yourself. Hi, I am thinking of trying the nutrisystem diet and have a few questions I hope you can answer.

My husband and myself like to eat out on the weekends, is there a guide that tells you how to order when eating out, can I eat out on this diet? Also can I drink coffee with milk and sugar on the nutrisystem diet? Looking forward to your response. Hi Lesley, the short answer there is you have to ask yourself how much do you want to lose weight?

Eating out is ok if you want, but expect restaurant food to add calories and negate some of the good work you are doing on the NS diet. If you really must eat out, choose obviously low calorie menu items such as salads but watch out for dressings — they are loaded with calories. Meals with vegetables are better but watch out for sauces — again loaded with calories.

You could even be proactive and ask the waiter what they recommend as the best menu items for dieters! Hi, I just read through this monster with all the comments etc and it took me awhile, but at the end of it, I can honestly say it was worth the time spent reading it!

I lost 21lbs on NS over two months last fall and I have never looked back. My weight stayed off cause I made sure I never went back to my old eating ways and I also cycle a few miles every day. It keeps me fit and I love watching the world go by at a pace that I can take it all in — not like in the car where it all flies by so fast.

Anyways, I just want to say thanks for writing an accurate and honest assessment of NS and also thanks to everyone that wrote in and added to the mix. I have been on Nutrisystem for over 4 months and have lost 45 pounds. It has worked for me, but I have also been very strict about sticking to the program.

Making sure that you supplement with ALL the vegetables and fruit is important to help stave off hunger. My one comment is that in your review and in several of the comments you and others complain about all the space it takes up in your freezer. The standard program foods do not require freezing or even refrigeration.

Hi Sparrow, losing 45lbs is a real achievement, congrats! Thanks for pointing that out about the freezer space problem. Cycling is great exercise but for anyone thinking about taking it up, remember to start slow and build up the distance you cycle. Let me share my experience with you. It is not nearly as positive as the review above. But it will serve as a buyer beware for those who may have a similar experience as me. Beware that if you are unhappy with or have any digestive issues while using the product, you need to complain immediately.

Do not wait to see if you system adjusts. I had the first month of food all was well. The second box gave me stomach cramps and gas that made me not fit for public.

I thought it was just my system and the stomach issues were my fault. I now had an entire box of food. So I gave a few weeks worth to a co-worker who had encouraged me to give Nutrisystem a try in the first place and the food I gave her caused her the same issues despite her having been on the program for more than 3 months with no gas or stomach issues.

Obviously, I received a bad batch of food products. They even said to not eat it and destroy the product. Seriously, I feel they have a faulty product that they acknowledge as hit or miss and will not stand behind. DO NOT waste your money on their product.

Weight loss is hard enough without having to deal with issues like this! Janet, that is a disturbing story for sure. The gas that people often complain about is usually not serious and is as described in the review. But certainly if you get gas and it is coupled with stomach cramps, then it is more serious and you must report it as soon as possible as you could have a contaminated meal in there.

Get on to the company ASAP if you get anything serious like this. On the flip side, something like this can happen with any food product — it happens with supermarket ready meals too on occasion. You must make up your own mind on this. You only have to read a newspaper to understand — its nearly always bad news because bad news sells! Sure, you had a legitimate problem and it sounds like you got a bad batch of meals in your order.

Instead you used your co-worker as a guinea pig and gave her a bad stomach too! I have used NS for two months and my meals were fine. Got to give credit for the author of this blog for having the guts to even publish your rant. Most would have just deleted it! I read with interest the problems suffered by one reader who had stomach cramps and you have my heartfelt sympathy for your misfortune. I must glean from this that, as the author has mentioned, this must be an isolated case and it is true that a bad batch of meals can affect any company including the large or small supermarkets or indeed any food outlet including restaurants.

This is just a fact of life that we have to accept as food is prepared by humans and as humans we are prone to errors occasionally. However, I think you will find that for most customers of this product in particular, the experience has been a positive one and it has fulfilled its expectations and they have lost weight from its use. Some were really tasty too, so I guess it was a mixed bag for me. That must have been really awful. Thanks for a great review and its good to see so many folks write in and share their experience here.

I recently lost over 60lbs and went from size 42 waist to a 34 over a three month period on NS. Exercise was a huge factor too, but I think what we eat and when is a big factor. It was a little tough going at first cause it made me re-think my way of eating cause I was doing it all wrong before.

Soda was one of the thinks that helped me gain weight, so that was the first thing to go! Now to maintain my weight, I try to eat smaller meals with plenty of fresh vegetables. Also, I now eat my main meal of the day in the early afternoon and taper off with two smaller ones later in the day. I now know that this helps get the metabolism going and keeps the appetite under control.

Obese people may eat less than I do, they may skip breakfast but then drink sugary sodas all day. They also snack on greasy junk food and gorge before their main meal and also up until bedtime.

Thats just telling your body to store fats and metabolize food at a slower rate. This is a good diet to change your perception of food and how to be more disciplined with meal size as well as what goes onto the plate! Great review of this diet, by the way! Simon, thanks for the kind words. Mohamed, that is an incredible amount of weight to lose over a sustained period, so well done! You are definitely on the right track by exercising and eating healthily, this way you should not gain that weight back and may even continue to lose a little here and there over time.

Excellent read, I just passed this onto a colleague who was doing some research on Nutrisystem as an option to lose weight. There are several different companies that provide a similar service by delivering diet meals to your home and so far, this one seems to be the best on features although it does cost a little more than some.

Thanks for a tell it like it is review and these comments are awesome! You have a real talent for writing! I had some pretty good success with Nutrisystem last fall when I lost 21 pounds over two months. The first month was pretty tough cause I cheated a little in my first two weeks and only lost 3 pounds.

At end of the first month, it had turned into 12 lbs and I was so happy I signed on for a further month! Well, after I finished, I never ate popcorn again to this day! I was determined that I was never going back to that fat person I used to be and now I feel great. I go swimming with my friends four times a week and we all marvel at how much more energy we all have. I would definately recommend this to anyone who wants to lose weight!

Thanks you so much! Well I did a month on NS in March this year. Over the 4 weeks, I did lose weight… 12 pounds! I was thrilled by this cause I never lost anything with any diet before.

And I read what the other folks had to say in here before I started to write this. Seems most folks agree with me its a pretty easy diet to do.

I liked most of the meals, especially the vegetable lasagne I think was my favorite. Sure, there were a few in there that I though, hey, pretty bland.

But overall it was better than anything I tried before. And it worked out pretty inexpensive when I worked it out. I would spend almost that much on my regular food, pretty much the way you tell in in your review. Now, I have adjusted to the size of the meals. I have the hardest time with lunch. The soups seem bland to me. I add broccoli or zucchini in with the soups to make them taste better.

Several of the desserts are outstanding. I plan to stay on for two months as I have about 30 more lbs. Thanks for sharing this great information site. Adding some veg to the soups is a good idea and one that NS recommends if you have trouble with feeling hungry. Yes, it also adds some taste to the more bland ones! Good to hear you so positive and doing great!

Hey Sharon, a former partner of mine also suffered with hypothyroidism under-active thyroid and had similar problems with weight. Too low and she was tired all the time and lethargic and it was at those times she gained weight pretty easily. Eventually, she teamed up with some co-workers and went swimming four times a week and that helped a lot. They all pushed each other to swim more lengths of the pool and it became a sort of competition between them who could swim the furthest!

That led to them also joining a yoga class which was also very beneficial. All the while our diet together was very good. Back then I was still training with nutrition but I knew enough to be able to buy food that was as healthy as possible. I was the person nobody wanted to shop with because I would read every label of everything I picked up still do!

Hi there, I am a also a NS success story and after reading your review and what the other folks are saying in here, just wanted to add my own brief story. Well, I had been gaining weight pretty bad after the breakup of my 12 year marriage, till I got to the stage where i just woke up one morning and said to myself, enough is enough.

Well, the scales were not kind to me and I needed to lose a huge 30 pounds. I straight away signed up for another month and I did it! Lost a further 14 pounds so i ended up 2 pounds better than I could have imagined in my wildest dreams.

So yeah, if anyone is doubting this plan, stop dreaming and start doing! It worked for me and I did nothing special. Just stuck to the diet right through. It was a load better than eating a plate of rabbit food like some diets! I look good and feel great and have my confidence back and a new man who appreciates me too. I have been considering Nutrisystem as an option for losing weight to the tune of around 20 pounds. This means it can actually work out very inexpensive on balance.

I will follow one of your links to their site and will most probably give this a try for a month to see if I like it. Thank you for your candid review and a similar thanks to all of your contributors who have made this one of the most comprehensive I have ever seen. Hi Connie, that is a really great story! Congrats to you on both fronts — a successful weight loss project that has lasted the test of time and a new relationship to bring you happiness. Yes, its really great that so many people have written in to tell their story and give us all a wide variety of opinions and viewpoints.

Its a great mix and shows that good things can happen when you put in a little effort and reap the rewards. I wish you every success with your project. I went on the diet in January for two months and lost an incredible 16 pounds. It was incredible cause I never lost an ounce on any other diets I tried, so you can imagine how knocked out I was by this result!

I decided I was never putting it back, so I started exercising regular. I joined a gym and workout four days a week. I also go jogging and other stuff that I find I now enjoy. Thanks for your great article and also thanks to everyone who wrote in here — it gave me the motivation I needed back then and I still read through your stuff to keep me on track! Hey there everyone, just wanted to add to this discussion here. All I want to say is that if they can figure out how to improve the texture of some of the meals that can come out of the microwave looking and tasting like soggy cardboard, then they would impress a whole load more folks.

There were some really good ones in there, so if they can make some meals good, why not all of them? I chose the Nutrisystem for Men diet and tried it for a month. I liked some of the meals, while others I felt were a little bland. But overall the quality was better than average I guess for this kinda diet.

It was pretty good for me and I lost 10 total, so I was pretty happy about that. I think if your gonna do a diet tailored for men, then make it a diet with good, wholesome meals that taste good and have good texture.

Like home cooked meals would be. Pizza is garbage food and including it in a diet I think is a little stupid. Guess everyone has theirs. Anyways, thanks for the great review and the chance to put my own two cents in about what I thought of it. I have not started Nutri-System but am seriously considering it. I have recently gone off anxiety and depression meds after having gained 35 pounds! I would like to ask those of you who have done this program and gone off, if after you went off the plan did you gain back the weight and then some?

That is what is holding me back. Any info would be appreciated. Hi Pam, I was just reading through this again and saw your question, I had to answer. For myself, I never put the weight back cause I was determined that was not happening, period! I mean getting getting my head straight inside of me.

The decision to try NS came after I had what I hear folks say is a moment of clarity. I suddenly realized all my anxieties, depressions fears and all were coming from inside me, not out there. So the fix was also in me, and I just made up my mind that I was going to be in control on me from now on instead of letting life control me. You know it worked — and it worked so well i knew I was on the right track. Sure, I was still amazed when I lost all that weight with NS, but I also knew a load of it was coming from me and now I enjoy exercising, getting outdoors and breathing the fresh air.

My depression was gone, I felt and still to this day feel great and I proved to me that I could so it. Once you prove it to yourself you can do it, then you can do amazing things. Even something as simple as going for a walk in the fresh air takes on a whole new meaning when you start believing in yourself and wanting to have a better body, a better way of life.

Cause your the only one who can put that weight back — nobody else can do it for you, same as only you can keep that weight off by eating right and living right. Hi Pam, I think the answer to that lies in you. I hear a lot of people say they did this or that great diet, lost weight, then as soon as the diet ended, they went out and ate themselves fat again.

Why would anyone want to do that? I think there is a feeling of liberation both because the restrictions of a diet have ended and there is the need to celebrate that plus the feeling of exhilaration for losing the weight. Sure, celebrate… but just once. Then instead of going back to your old diet which you know full well will make you gain weight, stay eating healthy stuff. Its easy enough to keep it up after eating a diet. It lifts your mood, specially if its a sunny day and brings you right up.

Bottom line was summed up by Jeanna perfectly just now. Its only you that can make yourself either get fat again, or stay slim. I signed up for a month Select plan three months ago and I was actually quite taken back by the quality of the majority of the meals. I lost weight too… 11 pounds in four weeks which I was really happy about!

Its a really good diet plan and a friend of mine is doing the same plan right now. Great diet and thanks for the great article and the chance to say my piece with everyone else. Does a months shipment fit in a standard size freezer? Does it need to be put away immediately or is it packaged so that it can wait until I get home? Hey RG, its only the Select plans that the food is all frozen. You should probably arrange to have someone to take the delivery especially if you live in a hot climate, maybe have a neighbor help out there.

Regular plans are not frozen and can be stored anywhere, although preferably someplace cool. All vegetables have calories! You could gain weight if you ate nothing BUT vegetables if you ate too many of them might by hard to do, but possible!

Too much of any food can cause weight gain. This is even more possible with higher-calorie veggies like potatoes, and if people add butter, oil or margarine to their veggies. I just started the program and am wondering if you or anyone else had trouble restraining from ripping them all open and nibbling?

Not because of the portions but out of curiosity of the taste and not being able to wait 28 days to taste them?

I can only resist so long. Also I wonder would it be okay to eat a day of dinners then replace the dinners with the missed item the next 3 days? Due to the issue above I really want to taste 4 of the dinners so I can edit them in my next shipment ASAP and Im curious but if I eat one for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack, can I just eat a breakfast, lunch or snack entree for dinner the next 3 days to even it out or will I screw it up?

Hi Tammy, thanks for pointing that out. I have made a minor adjustment as the statement is still valid although I will not edit it out of my review, I will amend it slightly to read: I made no reference to adding any other kinds of vegetables such as potatoes, which I and my readers are well aware are higher in calories.

People are sensible enough to only add a small amount to the meals in any case. Who on earth wants to eat a plate full of cabbage? No, it will only be a small additional amount, and this is recommended by Nutrisystem themselves. I welcome any constructive comments here and will publish them as I believe everyone has a right to their voice. Kelly, I hate to say it, but you really must resist the temptation to open the meals before you are set to eat them. They are set out like that for a very good reason and that is to balance your food and nutrient intake for each day.

Will this be an option that will be coming soon to Canadians? The best thing you can do is contact Nutrisystem via their website contact page and ask them directly. I am a wife and mother to 4 children. I am considering the NutriSystem program, but wonder how how other people have done on the program while still having to cook and prepare meals for a family. I have been on Nutrisystem program 10 days and have struggled to eat all the food required per day and I have not lost an ounce.

I started at I was not told that or shown that when I started this diet. Come on for heavens sake, you should have known what the food was gonna be like — nowhere close to the kind of quality you must be used to! And you say that you lost weight with your own food, did you? So what stopped you doing it again? And you paid for two months? You sound to me like a person who is looking for someone else to blame cause your overweight and you probably write that same comment in a dozen other websites cause your sore at the world when you should really be looking to yourself to take responsibility for your weight.

A gourmet chef ought to know a thing or two about diet and nutrition, so you never needed to use NS when you coulda easily done it all by yourself. You get no sympathy from me cause it just sounds like your getting at the company for maybe another reason. I hope the blog owner prints this like he had the guts to print your negative self serving rant.

Hey Shirley, are you serious? Sounds to me like you are pretty mad at NS but then hey, your a chef right? It was a diet that I lost a total of just 8 pounds in that month. But was I complaining to anyone who would listen and asking for my money back? So why does a chef need NS to lose weight? Do you think that will make us take more notice of your complaining and whining? No to that too! No packaged stuff from the supermarket, its all home made from fresh meat and vegetables.

So my guys are used to good food. But while I was eating the NS meals, often the boys would ask why mommy was eating something better then what they got! It used to make me laugh so much and I had to tell them that mommy was having special food for girls to make her pretty. But I stuck to the diet and I was amazed that each week I had lost between two and four pounds and at the end the total I lost was 11 pounds! So yeah, you can do it and its not hard, really.

Hey Angie, I saw your comment and wanted to put your mind at rest. As a mom of four young kids who tried Nutrisystem and got through it while losing 18lbs over two months on the diet, I can tell you that it is not just possible but definitely worth doing! I just prepared the family meals as usual and had mine ready the same time as theirs so we all sat down to the table together and ate as a family.

I think my Italian background helps as we believe in the strength of the family and always eat meals together. No TVs are allowed anywhere near the dining table so as a family we talk to each other and this bonds us and makes us strong. I never had to make up stories for the kids as to why I was eating different stuff to them.

I just told them straight out that mommy was on a special diet so she could lose some weight to get into that new dress that papa bought her!

The only thing that sometimes bothered me was that I always cook healthy meals for my family and that meant they were eating better than me with a lot of the meals. NS are okay, but nothing to get all worked up over for sure. But I stuck to the diet and lost the weight and you can do it too, especially if your family support you through it. Well I see that your article on NS is rather good as it talks about lots of interesting aspects to the program that I never knew about.

In any event, was curious whether you could choose your own menu from the plans and I see that you can. This is really important for me as I never want to get bored with a diet. I need to lose about 16 pounds to get back to a decent figure. I have yet to feel hungry and find it strange that I am eating every two hours to get in the required meals, fruits, vegetables, and fat. One of my problems with dieting before was that I would get tired of eating the same things over and over.

Just wanted to drop in and say how much I enjoyed your article on Nutrisystem. I was successful when I went on their silver plan for men in the Spring and even though I was about 20 pounds overweight when I started, i got rid of 15 of them in the month and I was very happy with that, as you can imagine. To all of you who have written in and complained about this or that, I say you cannot have given it your best shot.

Nutrisystem sent me a delivery of food that when I first saw it I was really not sure I did the right thing. Well, I got a pleasant surprise that the meals were better than I was expecting. Not great, but better lol! But the real pleasure was on weighing in at the end of the first week to see I was already 4lb lighter than when I started.

That gave me so much of a boost that I got all the way through the food and ended up an incredible 14lb lighter at the end and my 38 inch waist is now 34 inches. Oh yeah, I could get into the pants I was wearing 4 years ago! I see there are some folks that had a bad time with this. All I can say is you must have been doing something wrong. I guess you get out what you put in, same as most things. Anyways, thanks to the author of this blog for the review and thanks to everyone who wrote in to share their experiences.

I had two months on the select plan and in that time, while I only cheated once or twice when my daughters stupidly left some candy bars in the fridge, I still lost 21 pounds and was so happy.

It has totally changed my life. I went on vacation to the Caribbean for the first time and was confident to wear a bikini on the beach. Now I look and feel great and you know, cause I eat less now I never get that horrible bloated feeling I used to have all the time. Would I recommend this to anyone else?

While not all the meals were great and some were a little bland and lackluster, most were fair to good and I think if you are determined enough, your gonna stay with it and succeed cause you just have to! Anyway, to the author of this blog, thanks for the honest review and a great collection of comments from folks that have had all kinds of experiences with Nutrisystem, good and not so good!

I just started working out with weights and now I want to get on a good diet for the first time as I need to lose about 16 pounds. I want to do it the right way, and that includes eating and exercising.

From what I read here on your blog, you agree with my own ideas on that, so finding your review of Nutrisystem was a real bonus for me. Thanks for making it useful and on the level man, I appreciate it! Well the silver plan i tried three months ago worked pretty well for me. I stuck it through and can say that I really enjoyed eating most of the meals and some of the desserts were exceptional — for a diet, anyways! I lost 15 pounds in that month and can say without any hesitation that I would do it again if I had to with no problems!

And a BIG thanks to the owner of this site for the great review by the way! Hi, I was really happy with Nutrisystem after being on the diet for three months through the early part of this year. I lost a total of 34 pounds in all from the time I weighed myself before I got started.

At first I found it tough getting used to eating such small meals, but I got used to it and then it was just a natural thing for me.

Got to say it was a good experience for me and their support was real good in the early days when I needed help getting through the feeling hungry stage. I discovered plenty of beneficial diet ideas on this site and now I find this great review of Nutrisystem! That company has been advertising on TV and I often wondered if it was any good. Seems a lot of folks are writing into this one site for some reason and I wanted to read them all to figure out why.

It made it easier for me to make my mind up about that company and I believe it must help a ton of other people out there struggling with weight loss to see there really is a solution that looks like it works for most of those who wrote in. Thanks for telling it like it is, both to the author of this blog and all the folks who told their own personal stories. I was seriously considering trying one of the Nutrisystem diets until I saw some websites that had tons of complaints from customers about a variety of things they were finding wrong with the company and its diets.

I was quite disheartened by all the negative mud slinging that I found. It was only when I read your review here and then all the comments by real customers who had a mixture of great success and failure that I realized that most of those complaints were from people who just need to complain about anything and everything. Most of their failures were self inflicted — I can see that now. This is what we, prospective customers, need from a review — not a collection of empty complaints but constructive criticism where its needed and truthful and accurate information about what to expect so that we can go in with our eyes wide open and be able to get the full benefits from the diet plans.

Sorry to go on a bit, but I think some things needed to be said. Thank you so much for your review and for all the people who wrote in with their honest assessments, successes and even failures. Hey everyone, it looks as though this place is something of a magnet for successful dieters! Well, I guess it attracted me too, cause I also had a really good experience with my Nutrisystem diet and I just had to join you guys and tell you about it.

I tried NS last year in the fall with the standard womens plan cause I got a good discount and when I worked out the full cost it was even cheaper than paying for my normal food for a month, so I jumped at it. By the end of the month, I had 11 of them left! I lost 14 pounds over the month and dropped two dress sizes, but it was probably nearer three as I used to really squeeze into some clothes before I started the diet. I was and still am amazingly happy with the results.

Not a single pound of it! At last, an unbiased review that actually tells me what I need to know about Nutrisystem diets instead of just trying to sell it to me. It was a really great read and has definitely helped me to understand what this diet is all about. Now I am interested in trying it for real as you seem to have attracted a lot of successful dieters who wrote comments here, so there must be plenty right about it. Being pretty overweight and over 60, I decided to try Nutrisystem silver plan starting in May.

I already read your review, so I had a pretty good idea what to expect and it was pretty much as you said. Small meals was right! I thought there was no way I would be able to get used to them. So I tried one of your tips you wrote in another article about eating slowly and putting the fork down after each bite.

You know, it actually worked! I deliberately put less food on my fork and only had small bites, chewing them over real slow and concentrating on the taste and texture of the food. I would love to tell you and your readers that your tip was the answer to a problem they all need to know about.

The meals really do fill you up when you eat real slow like that! I lost an amazing 16 pounds in that month doing just what you said and I never felt hungry or even needed to cheat by reaching for the potato chips!

I want to loose 40 pounds. You have a good, in depth knowledge of your subject and you put it across very well, so that anyone can understand it easily. I actually do have some questions for you though.

Are you going to keep updating as well? I can see there are plenty of comments from people who have tried or are thinking of trying NS, so I guess that part of this post stays pretty well up to date. These are really interesting comments from your readers, and so many! It looks like most folks have had a positive experience with NS.

I have to agree with them. I read somewhere that pounds a week is recommended, so I guess I succeeded in the eyes of the experts too! I found most of the meals to be perfectly acceptable, with only a few that I thought were below par but certainly none were so bad I would ever feel the need to complain. Overall, I was very happy with the plan and I would most certainly recommend it to any of my friends if they were interested in this type of diet.

DO you think it would be cheating to take an appetite suppressant with NutriSystem? I just ate a Hershey Bar because all this NutriSystem talk has me so upset! I spent so much money on it, felt like I was at least eating healthy and following a program that would make me lose the 55 pounds I need to get rid of, but the food was awful, especially the vegetables, I mean, how can you make a frozen pea taste bad? Quesion is, what do I do next? She makes yummy healthy food. I cook a lot of her food since stopping Nutrisystem.

Appetite suppressants are a good idea, I never thought of it, thanks for mentioning it Jocelyn. How long has NutriSystem been around? Longer than Weight Watchers? Not so much in my mouth, though. The appeal of Nutrisystem for me was certainly the pre-packaged foods, thats a no-brainer.

BUt i was never a fancy cook to begin with, and I am now wondering if the cost of the program is worth it, despite the free time. Because it is sure getting on my nerves. Remember when she passed out on dancing with the stars? Maybe she had refused to eat that horrible packaged food form Nutrisystem?

It works for me! I need to lose about 55 lbs, and this was NOT good news for me. I am going to have to ask my counselor about this.

Hi i am still undecided about nutrisystem and curious, are most of the foods frozen? It took me at least 8 months to loose 10lbs with Nutrisystem. Which programs are you on? They do not give you enough food. I understand the idea o f portion control, but why does NutriSYstem give so much less food than other major diets?

I think i might just swtich it up to WW or South Beach. The food is not frozen Nancy, you can however freeze it if you wish or you can simply keep it in your fridge. BUt the exercise DVDs? With the Flex Belt my abdominal muscles are getting a great workout, and i really think thats what making a difference in my waistline, more than the NutriSystem. Going to a quicker method, maybe South Beach? Although I heard the Zone is even faster.

In my opinon the Zone and Atkins are too strict. Real woman have curves: The foods are healthy, low cholesterol, low fat, whatever, I knew that I was getting proper nutrition with Nutrisystem but damn,the weight loss took forever!

Or more like, never. I lost 9 lbs in 12 weeks and am trying to learn how to prepare healthy meals on my own, and exercise more. So I guess I learned from the program? Not worth the money, for me. Well, now I am mortified…. Who cares about Marie Osmond, or Valerie Bertinelli or anyone who gets paid to say they lost weight with the program? In name, not personal accounts. It was familiar and I joined. Or I you stuck with it for a long time? Are Nutrisystem meals high in sodium, does anybody know?

And it came back. So I went back on, lost more. It still had the same yo-yo effect that I was trying to get away from. It took awhile but i learned my lesson. I think thats bad if your pregnant or breastfeeding, btw. Ok, this is for all of you who want an honest opinion of Nutrisystem. I purchased this because of all the skinny girls on the commercial. I figured I had nothing to lose. I had previously checked the company out and found out they had many complaints regarding orders not being filled with requests and addressed this with the sales person.

She assured me this was a past issue which had been cleared up. I told her exactly what I wanted in my order. They want you to add fruits and veggies so prep was longer. The food itself scaled from just ok eatable to really not worth eating. Very plain untasty food. Funny, almost all the italian type foods tasted exactly the same. I think they may use the same sauce on all of it. Some of the bars were good.

I liked the cookies, of course. I hated the pizza, cheeseburger and chicken sandwich. It was a sad lesson, one I wished I would have believed after reading so many complaints about the taste of the food. I did not lose, and luckily I did not gain any weight. I was on Jenny Craig and gained 7 lbs, previously. The company did return my money after I sent back the box. Keep all your shipping material, especially the huge box it comes it.

It will help you return it, if needed. Good luck, whatever you choose. Laura of Fair Oaks. I tried Nutrisystem on and off for a few years.

I intend to do it again right after the holidays which are coming up. THe portions are too small, so you are just setting yourself up for failure.

THe food all tastes the same and it got very boring for me. I lost an amazing amount of weight on the program when they had centers in various towns. I liked the food and found it very simple and easy to prepare my meals.

The best part of the system was the wonderful iced tea mix they used to have. Oh and also the frozen yoghurt I made myself each evening.

Anyway, I was going to go with the program again but after reading about comments on how horrible the food is, and the lack of customer service, especially to credit card paying customers I am going to pass—dog food does not appeal to me!!!!

After hearing from some of you that havnt lost anything, I guess 10 s a month isnt nothing to gripe about. I tend to have a very hard time losing weight being over 40 and having polysystic ovarian syndrome really hinder weight loss.

I dont follow the diet to the letter. I usually just eat the breakfast lunch and dinner entrees plus a salad with dinner. Probably not so healthy but it is working. I was reading another article earlier about the NS diet written by a Dr. They suggested doing the weight watchers diet.

WW being a cheaper plan and you can buy it at the grocery store. A lot of people have had GI problems with NS and headaches. So if the nutrisystem diet is giving you problems consider weight watchers.

It gives you the same convenience of boxed portion controlled foods without the side effects and the very high sodium content. Good luck to everyone. This program is not any good.

The pictures look good, but the food was so bland. I was always hungry after eating. I love chocolate, but what they send you is not chocolate!!! You need to find time in your busy day to work out even if for twenty minutes a day. The only way you are going to lose weight is to get your body moving! I work as much as 80 hours per week and still find time to raise my child, have a life and workout! You are never to busy if you want to do it! It is not a fix all and I was thinking about trying it but have decided my wil power has helped and will get me losing the weight that I would like not need to lose.

I think the issue here is, whether or not Nutrisystem is a viable diet plan. And, the food is just not edible. I gave it a go for a month, and felt lighter, but nothing significant. IT just is Not a good diet. I tried Nutrisystem almost 2 years ago wanting to lose 30 lbs.

I stayed on the plan about 9 months. The food was okay, but at the time I was very motivated due to being close to my delivery weight with my first child. However, I truely believe that this soy base system messed with my menstral cycle.

All but 10 lbs are back, and and my cycle is back to normal. I did NS faithfully for 2months and did loose 20 lbs. It helps you determine food portions very well, if you are an overeater.

The food I feel is pretty good and convientant but not something I could live on for a long period of time. The downfall I found was a lot of flatulence. So it works but not fast. Being disabled and elderly I thought this would be great. Heavy on tomato usage in most if not all meals. Would not recommend it. Did not lose weight. Weight loss, no matter what kind, takes alot of hard work! So it was really just a failure for me.

I have lost 17 of the 30 lbs i need to lose and i feel great. I have been on Nurtisystem for 3 months and have lost 40 lbs. It does work if you follow the plan. Also drinking water is key in losing the weight. I am glad I started this program. I like the convience of it. The trouble is, NutriSystem is a portion control diet and once you are off of it you dont really learn how to choose portions sizes. And also because the food is so terrible you end up wanting to eat a LOT.

Nutrisystem worked for me. I never lost my pregnancy weight. In 4 months, I lost 30 pounds with daily walking and ounces of water a day. I went from pounds to pounds. The first two weeks were horrible. My body was detoxing from everything bad I was putting into my body and portion sizes that were for someone ten times my size. After the first month I lost 10 pounds and I knew I was on my way to a healthier lifestyle. This diet worked for me. I was running marathons, going to the gym five days a week and watching my diet before Nutrisystem and I was only able to maintain my weight.

I tried it because I read a blog just like this one too. I told myself that if it worked, then I would blog it everywhere. So i do have to agree with Amanda;s post that NutriSystem is good for teaching portion control, but so is Weight Watchers. Once I learned what a normal healthy portion size looked like, I took it from there, added some Hoodia Bites and the weight continued to come off. The craptastic food that made you fat is bad. And you can learn portion control while on the program.

All you have to do is pay attention to the size of the portions that you are eating while on the program. That means using your eyes, something that you have with you all the time. How do I know this? I lost over 70 pounds on the program and have maintained my weight loss for over a year. I too thought the food was really bad, maybe the worse I have even had. You have to really get used to the taste of the foods, and some of the deserts were tolerable. My biggest issue with the Nutri System food was that it would give me headaches.

During the first week I used the product, I started getting headaches, and was told it just might be that my body has to get use to the change in my diet. I tried the food for a few more weeks, and still thing happened but at this time I had severe headaches, were I could not function for the rest of the day.

Has anyone else been receiving headaches with the Nutri System meals? I had to finally give up on this product. Alot of people complain about this being very expensive.

What do they say about exercise? No pain no gain. So it hurts your pocketbook for a few months. If you are not willing to spend any money on making yourself a thinner, happier or healthier person then obviously you want to stay heavy the rest of your life. How much did it cost you to get fat in the first place?

No more fat jeans for me!! I feel it is very affordable if you weigh the facts. Now factor in what it would cost you for a membership at the gym. You get a free exercise video with your first order from nutrisystem.

There is no measuring or counting of anything you just grab a container, pop it in the microwave and eat. If you work, thats much easier than packing a lunch daily or cheaper than the cost of eating lunch out.

How much easier can it be? Where have you people been eating, at five star restaurants? The food is not bad at all. It may not taste like the food you cook at home but the food you cook makes you fat. After all the lay-offs that hav occurred in my company lately, I;m more worried about being able to pay hte mortgage, so Nutri-System is out.

I have been very pleased so far with Nutrisystem. So far, so good! I like it OK. It works for me. Is the food the best I have ever had.. I have found I like the soups the most. Today is January 6 and I am just beginning the program. I love to cook and love to eat, and that was my problem with losing weight. While cooking I would sample this and that, and when it came down to eating with the family, I would add a second serving and a 3rd enjoying the good food and conversation, always justifying it to my family that a little more was ok and hey, healthy and organic if that was an ingredient I used.

Or, that I was rushed or tired and had to eat a bit more to feel better and fill up my hunger. I really like Nutrisystem. I am not sampling what I cook, not munching on goodies around the house, because I know what I have waiting for me for each meal and what I am allowed to have for snacks and dessert. I needed that control and that accountability. Its already prepared and waiting for me. Its not gourmet food, but its good and filling.

If it were gourmet, there would be no stopping me from finishing it up and then some. I have tried every other diet known to man and woman, and I feel this is a good start to relearning how to eat and to control ourselves. I found nutrisystem to be too severe and the foods to be not very good.

I feel very hungry and deprived most of the time. I think about pizza and cheese fries all the time. I think i need to switch to a more moderate diet or else I am going to blow it. I think i might try the Five Factor diet bcs they let you cheat every so often.

I am looking for a Real diet now, and i just wanted to stop on here and tell yall that this is not any permannent answer. Most of you people on this blog, all you do is complaining. Nutrisystem works, it is the cheapest delivery program out there, add it up, you eat for under 10 bux a day!

Get a hobby, start exercising. My input for you all big complainers. It works, get off your lazy butts! About 2 years ago, I had very little tolerance for anyone who lacked the discipline to stick to Nutrisystem. For me, it was easy. All i had to do was follow the instructions, and i would see resuults. Nutrisystem sent me the food, the portions were determined, I knew exactly what i had to eat, and when. In some ways, it was the easiest thing ever.

By the time i finished the program, i had lost 34 lbs. In the beginning of my transition back to regular food, i did well. I measured out all of my portions so that they would be as small as the pre-packaged meals. But then over the next year, my habits began to slowly slip. Soon, those friends of mine who i had judged before, had sympathy in their eyes for me turns out they were more compassionate toward me than i ever was to them, and for that i am grateful.

For the people that have issues with they lack of weight loss…What kind of work out plan are you on? A special meal plan will not do all the work for you, you still need to get out there and be active, it is still food and you should be doing a little extra to help yourself too!

Nutrisystem is healthy meals and very convenient. After bein on the program for 3 mos, however, I founf that I only lost about 6 lbs.

I am needing to loose close to 60lbs still and was expecting,to doit with this program. ITs back to the drwaing board now.

It was a pretty good start for me, for learning portion control however, I did not find Nutrisystem be quite a comprehensive enought program for me. Maybe its bcs I push myself so hard now, exerciseing, but the weights coming off faster and I actually am enjoying the process. Well I am only in my third week of Nutrisystem and literally felt like i was being starved to death. After 2 months,I just had enough NutriSystem foods to last a lifetime. They just got old, esp. Its more toleralbe this way, to diet.

Trying to lose a few: The first was for six months or so, and during that time I was able to lose 40 pounds. I did it without eating all of the extra fruit, vegetables and water that they recommend. I went off of the diet and began comfort food and stress food eating again, gaining all of the weight back. Until my system got used to the food over several weeks, it was an unpleasant experience.

The diet will work if you apply yourself to it and can manage to find something you like and stick to it. My hubby and I do not mind the food — add in fruits , veggies, yogurt as recommended and its not so bad, BUT the gas NutriSystem produces is horrible! We avoid being in public places sometimes because it is so bad! I have fewer problems with nutrisystem than I do my own willpower.

I used it for three months and lost 15 lbs. Then I went back to eating less health and some of the weight has returned. Eat the fruit and veggies you get from the store to supplement. I sometimes add the veggies to the dinner. Plus I seldom feel hungry. The basic principles are solid for the nutrisystem diet. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you continue to eat the fruits and veggies and salad and the eight glasses of water. Lost 2 lbs so far so, gonna stick with it and hope i lose about 8 times that next month.

The NutriSystem customer service dept lies too much,i am disapointed with the program. I have just completed week 1 of Nutrisystem and I have to say, I am surprised by how the food tastes.

Honestly, if you can eat a Lean Cuisine or a Weight Watchers meal, you can eat this. I drink all my water and walk for 25 mins, 3x a week and have lost 5lbs. Just weighed in at a total of 27 lbs lost, this morning, after 2 mos of doing this my own way! If you think your going to get gourmet meals. This is not for you. Some of the food is quite good. Cheesy nachos and the super sized fries, are how we got fat. If you want to eat a lot of food, you are going to stay fat.

Cutting calories if the only way. Sorry, I love food too, but its our choice stay fat or eat less. I recently started buying some South Beach Diet meals and i enjoy the flavor of them a lot better…and for extra support i signed up for the South Beach Diet online. I went on the NS program in and lost 40 pounds in about 3 and half months. I have manaed to keep the weight off.

The first week was the worst for me because i was used to eating what i wanted when i wanted. So eating those portion controlled meals stil made me hungry.

I lost 6 pounds the first week and that was my motivation to stay on the diet. The second week my stomach got used to the smaller portions. The food tasted ok. Most of it was edible. The second month i customnized my order. However I did have a problem with a few of the items I ordered not being in stock.

I exercised five days a week and sheded 3 to 4 pounds a week. The NS plan was successful for me. I went from a size to a I have been using Nutrisystem for 2 months now and have gained 2 pounds. I have been on the program now for 5 days. I am not having a problem with the taste, or dealing with hunger. The fresh vegetables, fruit,dairy, and protein I add during meal time,and snack time keeps me totally satisfied.

My problam is the bloat, and gas. Does anyone know why this is happening,and if it eventually subsides. I work in the retail industry,out in the public, so at times it is very uncomfortable. Is anyone else experiencing this, and do you know what it is from? You have to try a lot of different foods until you find the ones you like — just like any new food!

How many of you that are giving this negative feedback actually supplemented this with regular exercise and I mean actually breaking a sweat, not just walking?

It seems like almost every negative post makes absolutely no mention of physical exercise. Can someone please reply that actually exercised regularly along with this and let me know your results? It sounds like all the negativity is coming from people looking for an excuse to not loose weight.

I have not had any problem following the diet and sticking to it. I have been making an effort to walk in the morning and in the evening to make sure I help boost my dead metabolism. Here is my take on Nutrisystem.

I have been on it for a bit and I am mostly pleased. Certainly anyone could go to the store and buy food to equal calories a day for women and lose the weight. So far, so good. As for maintenance, you do wean yourself off of the NS food and learn portion control as you go.

It is all in how you choose to live your life. Although portions are small, I am not starving. The food is actually better than expected, especially after reading the above reviews. Boy was I scared!!! LOL Anyway…I was wondering does it matter if you eat all the food suggested or not? I tried Nutisystem before my wedding and followed it to a T. I lost 8 pounds in one month. I really like the system, food comes to you, just grab and go for work. Lost 20 pounds, plan on loosing 20 more.

My mom is signing up this week. I even eat the dinners for lunch and lunch for dinners because the dinners have more calories and I can burn off the higher calories during work.

My snacks of course are all the chocolate items. No complaints from me. I am not sure how you people stand it, the food is just horrible!

I grew up in a farm where we cook everything from scratch, I love food, some people even call me foodie, there is no way on earth I could last on the Nutrisystem. I am just gonna join a gym and and making watch my sugar and carb. I was excited to try this NutriSystem plan for the convenience mostly. However, I found the food to be absolutely horrible.

It not only looks unappetizing, but tastes terrible! I did learn about portions and what I should be eating during the day, so I plan to make my own meals, freeze in small containers. Also, had headaches and bloating, possibly due to high sodium content. My husband and I both ordered NutriSystem after we had decided to lose a little weight. When we first got the food, we were excited, but then quickly realized that we had been fooled.

The website never mentioned that you had to buy your own food along with it, and the food itself was tastless. Also, even though I specifically told the operator that I was allergic to mushrooms, over half the meals they sent contained mushrooms.

I ate what I could, because I had already paid for it, but I tell everyone I know not to get it. It is a waste of money. Were you expecting buttery gourmet cuisine?! This may not be what I would drool over on a menu, but they try to make a high protein and low-glycemic meal that is palatable and filling. I have been on NS for going on 3wks now and I have lost 9lbs. I disagree that the food is gross, I have not had anything that I have had to force myself to eat nor have I had to gag when eating it.

I read all the reviews and agree that I am going to switch dinner at lunch and have lunch at dinner. Lower calories are better at night and I will have a better chance at burning them off during the day. If anything this program has helped me learn howto balance my diet and what to eat and how often. I bought a food scale to weigh all my meats. I am sooooooo happy!! I hope to lose a lot more by labor day. I went into it not expecting to really enjoy the food and turns out that I like all the foods I order.

I was on this diet for three months and I found the food filling but overprocessed. I have been on the program for 12 days now. Only have lost 2 pounds! I have not cheated either. I think I just wasted my money, but will continue the program just to see the final results. I exercise days a week at the gym, have not had a drop of alcohol, and still can not drop much weight. Anyone else had this problem?

I thank you need to change the tomatoes dishes. Also the beef dishes have an odd tatste. Better get some one tho neows have to cook. The only decent dishes is the chicken but not the chicken parmesson It is terrible. I have been on NS for almost two weeks now and have already lost 6 pounds. Some of it I even like.

I am glad that i did not read some of the comments here until I tried it myself. For women your are only eating calories a day. To me it seems that it would be impossible not to lose weight with even just a little excercise and motivation on your part. I personally know six people who have had success on this diet. I have considered purchasing the Nutrisystem but after reading some of the reviews which are mostly negative, I will not buy it.

I appreciate the reviews. But losing gradual and not very slowly as Nutrisytem based on many reviews would be more encouraging. I just started the NutriSystem yesterday I am not looking forward to eating that way everyday. I am gonna stick with simply because i already paid and I really want to loose weight. I should have known based on what i have heard about the flavor but i was just out of control and tryuing to take an extreme measure. Well this didnt help.

This is a diet that is helpful for long term success and i lfeel like i can stay on it without struggling a lot. BUt here I am, 4 weeks later and only, 3. I shoulda just went on that lemonade cleanse or whatever, to get this results. It is portion control and offers a great website that I have seen improve. This is my 3rd time in 15 years. I have issues as do SOME overweight people with my monthly meds making me lose my appetite, then I eat less than calories and gain weight. This program is regimented and has you eat the small meals and you are allowed to be an adult about it.

YOU have to make the good choices for the grocery store food that YOU add, and this program supplies the 3 main meals and your snack. If you add up all the NS-like food that you purchase at the store, I know at least for me that the cost is about the same — and by getting it shipped to your door, you save most of your trips to the grocery store except for fruit, veggies, and dairy. Autoship is the way to go: Try one of everything, then change up next month to only be the meals you dig the most.

Once NutriSystem starts arriving it is impossible to stop. After numerous emails to cancel there is now another box in my driveway, in addition to an unopened box in my garage. Plus boxes in my house and full cupboards. I feel I will have to cancel my credit card to stop this mess.

If you incorporate excercise into your diet you will see results. May I know why these foods are giving me such a headache and how can i stop it? I ordered Nutrisystem Advanced and tried it for a week. I went to the grocerty store and spent time reading and comparing labels. You can buy your own things at the store and save money.

I think Nutrisystem is expensive for the taste and quality you get. The idea is to cut down and excercise. I sent the food back and bought my own and am losing. They are bette tasting.

In this economy, think smart. You can do the same thing yourself for less. I have had years of unsuccessful dieting no matter how hard I tried. I have been on Nutrisystem for about 12 weeks, and I have lost 27 pounds.

This is by far the best results I have had with any other program. Losing the weight is encouraging me to keep going.

I feel so energetic, and I feel that my overall health has improved greatly. Although the diet is fairly expensive, when I think of all of the money I have spent attempting other diet programs, exercise programs, machines, pills and supplements, this is a drop in the bucket. I have had so many positive comments from people about my success. I want to lose a total of 70 pounds, and for the first time in years, I feel as though I will truly be successful.

I ordered this because I hate to cook and hate to shop. This food tastes no better than shelf-stable supermarket stuff. The dinners are so soupy, they have to be eaten with a spoon. So now I have a pantry full of over-priced junk.

Add to that, they packed everything in one dang big box and I nearly popped an artery moving it around. Am I eating healthier? On Dancing with The Stars, Marie Osmond said she had lost 35 pounds due to the strenuous exercising during practice.

My comments were submitted in July As a current Nutrisystem user, I can tell you that the info is quite outdated. You are able to choose your foods and customize your order. Answers to all questions can be found on the website and dieticians, counselors and moderators are available online or by phone. The food is very good and yes you do add in your own fresh fruits and veggies and a couple of proteins. These round out the meals and the calorie intake is in a good place for weightloss but you will find yourself eating quite often and feeling quite satisfied.

NS also recommends exercise fir health, toning and to produce faster results. The plan will not make the weight drop off you in unhealthy ways. Most lose at a nice steady loss of 1 to 2 lbs per week. I personally have lost over 23 pounds so far and have no intentions of stopping. This is a great plan with everything needed for healthy weight loss. I started the Nutrisystem meal plan in an attempt to lose the 20 pounds that I put on this past year.

I was disappointed because the taste of the food was not what I expected. Perhaps, I should have been taking a suppressant with it. I was on the Nutrisystem plan for 2 weeks I gained more weight instead of losing. I followed the plan to the T.

I think the system is a ripoff. I started Nutrisystem in February and have lost 60lbs. I have to say, I have stuck to the program completely, not cheating at all and have started working out with Jazzercise which helps a lot. I think you need to be honest about what you eat and be of the right mindset to lose weight.

It worked for me! The food was just too awful! It got to the point that I would start gagging just to think about having to eat it.